Honda 2013-2016 CBR500 Service Manual    
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  I paid for and downloaded a PDF version of the Service manual, I offer it for free to all CBR500Riders members.  
  However if you feel like donating 'literally' a dollar or two to help cover the cost of the purchase - then thank you. If not then please take the file with my compliments no strings attached, I haven't offered it to make money.  
  ***** NEW NEW UPDATED - Honda 2013-2016 CBR500 Service Manual download (now includes helpful hyperlinks)  
  Click the above link and wait for page to load, a popup wll show asking you to sign in - at the bottom of the popup is a link that says 'No thanks, continue to view' -> click the link and then at the top right you should see a download button. At the side of the download button is a small arrow type thingy, click this and select direct download. (Chrome browser seems to work best)  
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  Again - the download is totally FREE, you are under no obligation to donate at all.